Resources and Facilities

We are continually investing in modern teaching and learning spaces which are equipped with everything you need for formal, group and independent study: the library, with a variety of learning zones and access to electronic resources; a Student Resource Centre and IT suites for research and assignments.


Innovative thinking, pushing boundaries and creating better solutions to professional practice and global education issues is in our DNA. Over 65% of our teaching staff have completed doctorates,  meaning that you learn from globally recognised research and scholarship leaders in their field.


A great place to study and a fantastic resource, with all the books, periodicals, journals and research tools you need to complete your assignments, the library is the best place to start, continue and finish essays, coursework and projects


Whether it’s in formal teaching, personal study or off-campus settings, our teaching, IT and communication resources utilise the latest technologies. Multi-touch teaching technologies, intranet and web-based learning system and downloadable apps enhance your teaching and learning.


If you have a passion for Art, Design, Music or Drama, the College has specialist resources, facilities and opportunities for you need to express yourself and develop your talents, including music and drama societies, a 270-seat Drama Theatre, music suite and dedicated studios for ceramics, textiles, art and design.

Stranmillis resources
Stranmillis resources